Message from the CEO : October 2017

When one takes the duration of our existence as a company into account, the growth path we have travelled thus far, the number of employees with sharp edged skills and expertise who are in our employ, the number of enquiries from potential international investors, expressing their interests in acquiring some equity in our company, etcetera, one cannot help it but realize that we are no longer that small or medium sized company we used to be, instead, we are now a formidable force in our industry, which cannot be ignored.

This then begs the question as to whether we are doing enough as one of sector or industry leaders in ensuring that the playing fields are level?, something which would make the industry attractive to young and upcoming professionals, do we provide the necessary leadership in and outside our organization? These questions and others shall be the “food for thought” to all our Management Members, and any other company within our industry, which plays a role similar to the one we are playing. The fact of the matter is that, whilst focussing on growing our company, we cannot afford not to participate on initiatives that are meant to assist in transformation of our industry.

It is heartening to announce that we have finally commenced implementation of the International Standard Organization’s 9001 quality management system, something which will certainly open new doors for us in and outside of South Africa.  This has been a time consuming process given the size of our organization, and it is still ongoing.  My hat is off for our team which champions this valuable process. Their enthusiasm towards this magnificent exercise is praiseworthy. Knowing our organizational culture, those departments who have already been introduced to this system are  already giving it the seriousness and warm welcome it deserves, as it offers us an additional life line, something which each and every business needs especially these days.

With regards to R&G going abroad, we are currently performing the necessary due diligence, and I must say that, given the opportunities which we have  already identified while performing our environmental scan on a few countries, it has become evident that we are likely to implement this strategy sooner than initially envisaged.  Our value proposition as a company seems to be something which most SADC countries are longing for. We are obviously going to phase our implementation approach as usual. I personally find this to be extremely exciting especially given the imminent trying times to our local economy.

In conclusion, it is apparent that, we are on course towards achieving our Organization’s Vision, of “becoming a recognizable force in built environment industries of the SADC countries”.  Let us keep on providing the value to our clients and the communities that our projects serve, and in the process, ensure that we develop our Staff to their full potential, as it is only through that, that we have been on an upward trajectory, despite challenges we have come across, and for that, we  thank God.

I thank you