Message from the CEO: June 2017

Like all other industries, the Construction Industry is an integral part of the whole country’s economy, and as such, when the country’s economy sneezes, the expectation is that, the construction industry is also likely to be affected. With the recent national and international events pointing towards a potentially contracting South African Economy, the already highly competitive Construction Industry is likely to be affected negatively in that, order books for a number of companies are likely to shrink as Clients are likely to postpone implementation of certain projects to the future, when the economy has improved again.

There are a number of unintended consequences of this situation, like the unreasonable discounting of prices and fees to a level where quality of service is compromised. The other unintended consequence is the use of devious ways by some industry players to outmanoeuvre the smaller players or to reduce competition. This is unfortunate; however it is a reality, and one needs high level of resilience in order to survive it.

During our 14 years of existence, we managed to successfully create a very visible and effective organizational culture wherein each colleague ensures that; 1) they do their work by the book, and 2) where circumstances compel one to deviate from the book, they ensure that   reasons for this deviation and its approval are in place, and 3) most importantly all this project related information is safely and correctly stored, where it can be retrieved with ease when needed. This has proven to be one of our strengths as the organization, and to this end, we are one of the dependable companies in this regard, in our industry.  We thank our colleagues and staff for buying into and maintaining this very powerful tool (organizational culture).

In serving our clients, we always display highest level of skill, diligence, care and most importantly, the great depth of our capacity, which has ensured that, we produce good quality work on time, irrespective of the size or complexity of the project.  Let me also take this opportunity to profusely thank our clients for supporting us, especially during the trying times which we go through from time to time.  We take comfort from knowing that, despite the malicious vendetta which our detractors do peddle against us at times, our clients remain steadfastly in our support, because they know who we are, and what we are all about.

I am so tempted to believing that indeed, “Something good does come out of a sad situation”, and the basis of this being that, every time we go through these trying times, when we come out on the other side, we are stronger and more wiser than before.

I Thank You!

Dumi Gqwaru (R&G Group CEO)