Message from the CEO: March 2017

When the idea of R&G was being conceived, very little did we know that we were bringing into existence, such a formidable force, a professional outfit of note and most importantly, a Black Owned and Managed professional practice that highly regards integrity, respect, accountability, equity and fairness, and so on. I would not have done justice if I did not take my hat off firstly, for our families who were an integral part of this inception, and who are still in one way or the other, participating in moving the company from strength to strength.

With its first operations having been run from, a not so great, small three bedroomed home located in the outskirts of Mthatha, it gives one pride and a sense of dignity, when seeing our offices today, which are scattered across the country, and which most importantly, are run and or manned by professional and highly motivated colleagues.

It is a fact that, there is no one individual, except the one above all of us, who can claim to have built this organization to what it is today single-handedly, and to this end, my hat goes off once again for the Co-Founder of this business, Mr Patrick Rwexu, our Executive and Senior Management for a sterling leadership which they have displayed over the years. Whilst on this, I must take this opportunity, and congratulate once more, our two new Execs, in the names of Ms Nobahle Majikija and Ms Prenola Thevan. They have a combined experience of more than 10 years here at R&G Group, something which is commendable and appreciated.

The last words of gratitude go to our “heart and soul”, our teams in all the provinces, subsidiary companies included, and most importantly, our clients who have supported us year after year. We thank you profusely. Your role in building our organization is not going unnoticed.

R&G Group has been on the upward trend with regards to growth, since its inception. We are currently propping up our systems and policies as we are readying ourselves for markets that are outside South Africa. We will be finalizing our ISO accreditation programme towards the end of the first Quarter of 2017. Our policies are being revamped so that they resemble those of an international organization, our Board of Directors is also being reconstituted to take into account the bigger size of the organization that we are today, our transformational initiatives are yielding good results, with only a few that need realignment.

It gives one pleasure to see that, despite working within stringent time constraints, we are starting to meaningfully participate on the affairs of our professional bodies, for instance, our Mr Patrick Rwexu is a current Chairperson of the Eastern Cape Border Chapter of the Association of the South African Quantity Surveyors. Congratulations Mhlekazi, and I so wish that in your deliberations at ASAQS, you will not forget that, we have a challenge to assist our struggling fellow black professionals, black owned small businesses and most importantly, the students.

In conclusion, I wish all Team R&G members, our subsidiary companies, and our clients, the best of luck in all their endeavours in 2017 and many more years to come.

I thank you!
Dumi Gqwaru (R&G Group’s CEO)