Message from CEO : Year 2020


Since the proclamation by the South African State President of the National State of Disaster on the 26th of March 2020, our Industry, the Construction Industry, including all other sectors of the economy for that matter, have been in ICU, all fighting for their survival. It goes without saying that, R&G Group, our Proudly South African and Black Owned and managed company has not been immune to this rollercoaster ride, not by any chance.

Yes, our industry is supposedly back in business since the 1st of May 2020 but in reality, that is not without interruptions because, we are back at work for 2 days, and on the 3rd day we get notified that there has been a covid19 case identified within the office building and we all have to vacate immediately, and thereafter be away for almost two weeks. It is also a fact that through all this rigmarole, some opportunities do present themselves like new and less expensive ways of doing business. We have noted all that, but the reality is that there are also those functions that we do in our line of work that cannot be performed through virtual means, like inspection of the quality of work done on site, which accounts for almost 35% of our revenue on a specific project. This therefore means that, while we are back in business but the scars associated with this pandemic are going to be around and with us for a long time to come as more sites will be closed as they discover Covid19 cases.

In my studies towards business leadership degree which is still incomplete by the way, with one course outstanding, one of the things which I learnt is that, the most important and valuable asset which a company can possibly have is its STAFF. Contrary to this teaching, I have noted several South African companies including big corporates and state institutions having retrenchment as a first resort whenever they are faced with challenges, and I ask myself, did I go to the wrong school? Like I said earlier on, we do go through the same challenges which other companies go through, but instead of jumping into retrenching people, we collectively agree that as we are in difficult times, let us all be creative in coming up with ways that will ensure that the business survives while keeping everyone onboard. That obviously comes with a lot of compromises from all parties, but I must say, it is such a heartening experience when you have such unity of purpose. Our staff deserves a KUDOS for this, a big thank you to you all.

With this kind of conducive environment, it becomes very easy for one to think positively, and you do know that once you have a positive spirit, positive ideas flow, and before you know it, you have solutions to existing problems. While we are all susceptible to contracting this virus in future, getting sick in the process but we do know that we shall conquer because of the support we have from and for one another, and let us continue being careful and vigilant, keep to our health and safety policies.

A special word of gratitude goes to our valued clients who have been with us through thick and thin. We appreciate their support, and we pray to God to protect and keep them safe from this ravaging pandemic. To all R&G staff, as per the norm, let us work hardest while ensuring that we use smartest ways of achieving our deliverables, and satisfying our clients.

I thank you