Message from CEO : Year 2021

Since our organization’s inception in the early 2000s, we have always felt blessed for having a solid team of strategists inhouse, and hence we have thus far grown this organization through several approaches, including employing vertical and horizontal integration strategies. I must say that the advent of the corona virus pandemic has introduced us to a chaotic, haphazard, disorderly period to name a few, a period where our team of strategists felt so helpless as our plans and strategies were completely rendered irrelevant, and of no value, almost instantly. While we are a team of dynamic and proactive planners, we had to quickly adjust to being reactive so that we could respond to the situation as it presented itself randomly.

Like all similar organizations, while we have endured several setbacks, but it is pleasing to note that we seem to have successfully responded to this uncertain and chaotic period. When the State of Disaster was declared, we had anticipated that our revenue would shrink by more than two thirds during the 2020/2021 financial year, however the actuals suggest that it has only shrunk by one third, and that is a relief as it implies that we have somehow hit the right buttons in terms of our responses. While the pandemic came with hardships, it is also a fact that it did present some opportunities for cost cutting like being able to reduce the number of physical offices which were across the country, due to technological innovation.

While the industry’s technological innovation saved us some costs, but given that we are big on staff development, meaning that most of our staff members were still in their development phase, and unable to do some of the work on their own without supervision, the working from home meant that we had to shed almost 50% of our team, and be left mainly with those that are able to work on their own with minimal or no supervision. So, this has been one big hurtful loss for us as an organization.

Nevertheless, we must soldier on, and it is now time to start rebuilding. We thank Heavens that we have been blessed with long term business/projects which we can rebuild on. For the next few years, we will be concentrating our efforts on our major projects, namely, Justice and Constitutional Development project in the KwaZulu-Natal Province, a Correctional Services facility in the Eastern Cape Province, a Regional Hospital facility in Limpopo Province, TB Hospital in the Eastern Cape Province, several Students Accommodation facilities in both Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal Provinces, and a number of medium sized projects whose scope is still being developed in the Gauteng Province. It is due to this healthy order book that we envisage a very busy and successfully 2022 and beyond. For that we thank our clients for their continued support, and our staff/Teams for their dedication towards delivering quality service to our clients. With the above words, let me wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2022 and beyond.

I thank you